Mini Lops


     In 1972 Bob Herschbach was to be at the German national Rabbit show when he discovered some lops called Klien Widder. These Klien Widder's were developed from the German Lop and a small Chinchilla. These rabbits had beautiful heads, with long and slender bodies, and their weight topped out around 8 to 9lbs. Only about 20 of these Klein Widder's existed in the world at this time and 11 of them were entered in the show.

     Herschbach, a Mini Lop promoter, achieved the first procreation of Mini Lops in the United States, mainly through breeding an agouti lop pair and a white female lop in 1972. Their first baby lops were solid colors. A second generation came with broken colors. As a result of the breeding process, they began to obtain a high standard of qualities Mini Lop.

     In 1974, when Herschbach's Mini Lop rabbits made their debut in an American Rabbit Breeders' Association (ARBA) convention held in Ventura, California. The outcome was that the breed needed to be downsized to a more compact, attractive size. In order to achieve this, Herschbach enlisted the assistance of other breeders by letting them breed more of his Mini Lops. One final touch resulted in changing the breed name from Klein Widders to "Mini Lop" to make it more appealing to the public.

     In 1977 Herschbach gave the sponsership of the Mini Lop breed to Herb Dyke. In 1978, Herschbach and Dyke created a correspondence club for the Mini Lops. Within a year, they had over 500 members who had contacted the ARBA with support for the Mini Lop rabbit. In 1980, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the National Rabbit Convention, this breed marked its success when it was recognized as an official rabbit breed sanctioned by ARBA.

     Mini Lops make excellent pets with there individual playful, curious, friendly personalities. Mini Lops are also VERY intelegent, they can be litter trained, also trained to do some tricks. They want to be apart of the family just as much as your family dog.

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