**Last UPDATED on July 20th 2015*

Mini Lops - Bucks



Smokey's Puff Daddy (REG)
Bkn Chestnut - Sr. Buck
DOB: 5/20/11

Dam: Smokey's Cirillo
Sire: DeSurra's Luminere (REG)

MunchkinLand's The Mad Hatter
Broken Chestnut - Jr. Buck
DOB: 5/22/13

Dam: LW's Annabelle (REG)
Sire: Desurra's Indy (REG)

MunchkinLand's Fred
Chinchilla - Sr. Buck
DOB: 3/9/14

Dam: LW's Annabelle
Sire: Smokey's Superman

MunchkinLand's 007
Opal - Sr. Buck
DOB: 2/22/14

Dam: PB's Miss Money Penny
Sire: Smokey's Taboo

MunchkinLand's Barney
Broken G. Tipped Black Steel - Sr. Buck
DOB: 3/28/14

Dam: Munchkinland's Cindi Lou Who
Sire: PB's Rocco

MunchkinLand's Tank 2
Broken Chestnut - Sr. Buck
DOB: 5/1/13

Dam: PB's Tank
Sire: LOL/PB's Almond Crunch

MunchkinLand's Caputo
Chocolate Chinchilla - Sr. Buck
DOB: 12/1/14

Dam: PB's Thor
Sire: Munchkinland's Thing 1

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